Saturday, 23 August 2014

Feedback of WLCI College on being a Logistic Manager

WLCI School of Business Management shares the skills one must have to be a logistic manager.

The process of managing goods from the beginning to supplying the final product, in sync with the requirements of the customers, is what logistics is about. It plays a crucial part in supply chain management of a business organization making a logistics manager a very important person in the whole process.

From interacting with the other people of the company to keeping an eye on the production and supply of the products, a logistics manager has a lot to do. Here are a few essential qualities that you must have to excel in this field:

  • Time Management: You must be good at managing your own time as well as that of others as there is a lot involved.
  • Patient Listener: You must be a good listener and give full attention to what is being told to you. Once you have understood the points made, ask appropriate questions so that there is no gap.
  • Ability To Think Critically: You need to use logic and reasoning to hit upon solutions to complex problems and then judge their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Monitoring: Ability to assess both your own performance and that of others is necessary to make improvements in the organization.
  • Evaluating Systems: Simply adopting measures is not enough. There must be indicators of system performance and you should evaluate the measures and check whether they are yielding results.
  • Be Ready To Learn: You should be fine with new training methods and procedures to update your own knowledge and skills sets to enable you to better your performance.
  • Managing Resources: Finally as a logistics manager, you must see to the appropriate use of equipment, facilities, and materials.
There are a few educational institutions’ that impart a management courses in logistics. Students are trained in supply chain management and related issues at WLCI School of Business.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Is WLCI College helping you avoid Career Mistakes ?

Unknowingly, many individuals commit the crime of killing their careers. WLCI College Students are taught how to identify the symptoms and avoid making such a heinous mistake. The faculty members possess ample industry experience and hence, they don’t only impart text book knowledge. They rather allow students the opportunity to learn from their understanding of the task in hand.

WLCI College India has always strived to provide quality education to the students, thereby making them understand the importance of a Career was in evident. WLCI College students acquire the following attributes during their time with the institute. 
  •        Don’t settle for a lucrative job as it may cost you your peace of mind!
WLCI encourages students to think of money as an add on to the experience they gain at a job. We believe that if you get employed with a company for the money, then over a period of time, that job would become a burden.

  •        Don’t accept until you comply !
Fully understanding the requirements of a job profile is vital as one can never succeed otherwise. Be honest about your characteristics as a job may require more or less than what you can provide.

  •      If you’re comfortable, you need to move !
Excellence is the goal for all WLCI Alumnus and they are trained to move out of a job which gets less challenging over time. If your mind is challenged, you feel motivated and are willing to learn more.

Monday, 18 August 2014

WLCI College India Reviews the best Design tool

Nature is nurture ..

WLCI College India stands for this statement with pride. Regardless of the advancement in the field of Designing and the abundant tools available to man to showcase his imagination to the world. WLCI School of Design encourages its students to use nature to depict their persona.

In a recently held workshop titled – “U, Me and Nature” WLCI Mumbai Campus introduced to the world techniques of beautifying ordinary paper by using a few leaves and some paint. A rather simple procedure, that yields in a warm feeling of gratitude towards nature.

Dipping the leaves in paint or using a brush as an applicator to stamp the image onto a piece of paper to make small cards. An easy activity conducted as a part of the workshop that enables individuals to see the beauty of nature.  

Other activities that were in the same theme included :-

  • Tie & Dye
  • Glass Painting
  • Macramé
  • Tree Planting
  • Block Printing on Fabrics

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Is WLC College India conducting Guest Lectures ?

Yes, Indeed !

On a regular basis WLC College India invites Industry professionals to come and enrich the minds of its students. Leaders and decision makers of top organizations along with advisors with years of experience under their sleeve are welcomed at the campuses.

On the 12th of August, 2014 one such esteemed member of the Business community graced the hall’s of WLCI College – Delhi Campus. Namely, Mr. Sujith Maroli who is a certified Executive Coach visited the campus at Sainik Farms, New Delhi. Bringing with him was years of expertise in the area of Marketing & Entrepreneurship. 

The subject of the lecture was “Building a Personal Brand and Marketing One’s Self”. He shared his points on the importance of the topic in hand and guided the student’s on how to enhance their confidence and persona. WLCI College had invited him to speak on the matter as we believe in building stronger and a more skilled pool of Business Professionals.

Mr. Sujith has a strong backing in the field of Marketing& Sales, which he developed whilst working with corporate giants like – Bharti Airtel and Tata Docomo. He has always been a motivator and wishes to engage young mind’s towards into entrepreneurship. Being a certified coach and trainer, he has made his passion into reality with his organization Trifor Leaning.

WLC College India was delighted having such an inspiring mind amidst the Business Management aspirants.

Saturday, 9 August 2014

How is Wigan & Leigh College in Mumbai ?

According to our alumni, Mr. Ritesh Sampat, WLCI College in Mumbai is splendid !

Ritesh had pursued his higher education with us in Business Management. He completed his studies in Marketing Management but was yearning for more. He went on to pursue another specialization for Financial Management.

This dual specialization helped him secure a job with Euler Hermes India as the Assistant Vice President, where he obliged for almost 5 years. With the company he was liable for Business Development along with Commercial Underwriting for the company’s operations in India. In-charge of structuring the export and import trading for the company, he excelled.
As the Vice president for the Anand Rathi group, he took the undertaking of the International Business regiment. He took on the role of Credit Insurance, Fund raising, Investment Banking, Private Equity advisor and handled all Mergers & Acquisitions.
Currently serving as the Principal Consultant for Altius Corporate Services he has flourished and achived more than his peers in the small amount of time. Based out of the financial capital of India, Mr. Sampat has conquered the industry in the past 14 years, gaining expertise along the years in the trade game for receivable management and debtors.
WLCI College India cherishes his achievements and hopes his career graph keeps rising !