Friday, 25 July 2014

WLCI Celebrates Cousins Day

WLCI wishes everyone out there-Happy Cousins Day today!

If you have a cousin whom you cherish, today is the day to wish him or her and convey your love to them. So go on and celebrate a very Happy Cousin's Day today!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

How Wigan & Leigh College teach Editorial Design

Editorial Design is a big industry and the largest one employing ‘Graphic’ designers. To be a part of this industry you have to be well aware of the different forms of ‘Graphic Designing’ methods, publishing techniques and print layouts.

To become a good ‘Editorial Designer’ one has to adhere to the strict rules and guiding layouts and one has to be of a very creative disposition to make the material look attractive, appealing and neat at the same time.  The success of the publication material depends on clear communication and consistent storytelling, both of which demand rigorous applications of grid layouts and the establishment of visual hierarchies in order to keep readers entertained while they consume the content.

 There are various avenues in which one can be find employment, if one wants to pursue a career as an Editorial Designer -
  1.     In Newspaper Publication Industry
  2.     In Magazine Publication Industry
  3.     Book Publication Industry
  4.     Journals and pamphlet publication companies &
  5.     Online-E-Content Firms
One has to be well-aware of the design trends, typography, the preliminary graphic-designing skill-set and have an aesthetic bend to furnish a good editorial design. Many institutes and colleges in India furnish its students with Graphic Designing Course. WLCI School of Design provides a comprehensive course in Advertising and Graphic Design with special module on ‘Editorial Design’. The eligibility criterion is completion of 10 +2 years of education or graduates. There are special courses for working professionals also.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Review of WLCI on American Apparel CEO

American Apparel CEO Dov Churney may  be bowing out of his position in the multi-million dollar company.

The company came under scrutiny after several lawsuits were filed against the CEO, regarding his behavior with young female employees.

American Apparel is well known for its casual and chic clothing line for men, women, children and vintage clothes.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

WLCI Mumbai Campus ‘Build A Bridge’ Project

Someone has rightly quoted -‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!’ this was proved right once again at the creative session held by WLCI Mumbai. The Design School’s ‘out of the box’, thinking method encouraged students to seek out new avenues to design. 
wlci college

WLCI had an innovative orientation programme for its new students’ wherein the WLCI School of Design took the waste materials like newspapers, old magazines and discarded materials and turned them around to give shape to original ideas.

The students charged with new ideas created the best they could out of the waste. The session was infused with leadership qualities, teamwork, and individual opinion. The students completed the task as a group activity. At WLCI, this activity reflected various qualities of individuals and how they all come together to build a strong structure.

Individual weaknesses were overcome as creative thinking and strategy building skills were sharpened, strengths and abilities were put to good use, cooperation and adjustments were built up on. No matter what methods and materials used, everything led them to one goal. To create a one-of-design which was new and out of the ordinary at the same time!

This is what we at WLCI call as ‘The Bridge of Friendship’!

To know more about the WLCI School of Design, click on the following link: