Saturday, 4 October 2014

WLC College Reviews the World of Visual Communication

The world is going visual, join the league !


Visual Communication refers to the expression of thoughts by using visual aids, such as – images, graphics, videos, animation etc. These days, a course in visual communication is highly valued in both the creative and the corporate world. WLC College reviews the changing pace of Visual Communication, as it leaps from being an art or skill to a full-fledged career.

  • Digital signs are taking over the age old tradition of hoardings. It is the trendsetter as the brands aim at being different and memorable. A combination of technology and art, it uses lighting to cleverly display the object.
  • Customers love visual aids that help them relate and remember your brand. Giving them an out of the box experience is a job for your marketing executive and graphic designer. Together they can create a feeling of awe and desire.
  • A Creative Business Model can take your product into the global market at local costs. By training your staff to use creative tools, your business strategy, process, model and product would inevitably yield effective results.

By hiring creative leaders, you not only create inspirational space but also motivate a free thinking setting. This builds a healthier work environment with staff that works with you rather than for you.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

WLC College Feedback – Design and Navratri

WLCI School of Design sheds light on the age old tradition of creating clay idols of Goddess Durga for Navratri. This custom dates back to the ancient days, but its presence is still evident. Many artisans look forward to the celebration to earn a living. Delicately crafted and decorated clay idols of the Goddess are used by devotees. 

These designs are handcrafted meticulously, and we salute the longstanding practice !

Monday, 22 September 2014

WLC College Reviews Fung Wong Storm in Philippines

Fung Wong, a tropical storm, has left the city of Manila, which is home to around 12 million, at a standstill. The storm led to an inflammation of the Marikina River, which runs on the east side of Manila. The Philippines is hit by approximately 20 tropical storms every year, but this is the worst hit in years. 

More than 5,00,000 people were evacuated, but there are many still stuck in waist – high flood water. The monsoon gods seem unhappy as they are disrupting the lives of millions.

Saturday, 20 September 2014

WLC College Reviews Scotland’s Yes Campaign

In the past couple of days, the topic of Scotland and United Kingdom has been trending. WLC College sheds light on this. Scotland had been offered the opportunity, on Thursday, to break apart from the UK. But they refused to take up this once in a generation chance to be free.

Following that a voting session was conducted and thousands of voters were adamant on the ‘Yes to Freedom’ Campaign. However, the result that came out yesterday revealed otherwise. The ‘No Thanks’ campaign prevailed and Scotland will not be an independent country !

Friday, 19 September 2014

WLC College India Reviews Career Satisfaction Reality

Money is not the indicator of career satisfaction; Contentment is. Indulge in career checks to identify source of your problem in both, personal and professional life.

Read in full detail about what it truly means to be satisfied in your career ->

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Mass Communication Colleges in India

Mass communication is emerging as the best career option for the youngsters in some recent years and to get admission in these top ten media institute is really a difficult job. The demands for getting admissions in these mass communication colleges are very high. Mass Communication is the field that conveys the information to the population through the varios mediums like newspaper, magazines, cinema and television.

The media institute in India offers the work in print media as well as the electronic media which involves the various works like reporting, writing, photographing, broadcasting or cable casting news. The course in mass communication programs works with the variety of work like news and media, publishing, public relations and other research institutes. 
The courses in media providing the aspirants with the comprehensive training in different media field and making them the best media professional. One can even experience the thrill of working in the real world by working through the internship or the traineeship programs. The media courses are so industry driven that it can even train you to acquire the relevant knowledge with the professional skills in the media industry. 

There are several good jobs that are available under this career like newspaper, periodicals, magazines, central information service, press information bureau, websites, AIR and TV channels. Some of the best media college in India are: WLC college Noida, Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, Pune, Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad, Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore, etc.