Friday, 4 April 2014

WLC College Ranking in India

Higher education in India is ranked 3rd worldwide, falling behind United States & China. The higher education system in India is growing at a fast pace due to the rise in demand of Indian professionals in the global market.

WLC College India has revolutionized in the higher educational sector in India. With industry relevant course content, WLCI has made its mark as the best professional training institute in India. By definition, the word emerging means – to move out of or away from something and become visible. The traineeship programme at WLCI College has managed to impart on the job knowledge along with the course curriculum.
Given this differential, WLC College India has managed to rank under the category of - Best Emerging B School in India by Business Today.

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Friday, 28 February 2014

WLC College India: Professional Courses in Learning Services

WLCI is a leading provider of professional management courses in India. The college has 10 centers spread across the entire subcontinent and is a leader for industry training and industry relevant curriculum. Learning Services is one of the many specializations provided at WLCI College for management courses.

All organizations train their employees for many causes. New challenges or technologies may arise and employees will be needed to develop skills for the organization to take on the market. At WLCI’s Learning Services program provides an in-depth knowledge to students with special abilities to keep staff productive, efficient and updated to stay competent in the modern industry workplace. This programme will help you to effectively train candidates and make a career in Learning Services.

As a super-specialization to Human resources, it will help you in carrying out training need analysis and effective content creation to meet the organization’s raining objective. As a student, you will be taught how to prepare and manage the processes of learning and include the logistics of carrying out training programmes and auditing them. You will also build advanced skills in conducting training cells and engage the internal and external trainers. You will also be made thorough in implementing MIS policies with regard to training. In all, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of the practices used in learning and training of company employees. 

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Treasury Professionally Course at WLC College India review

WLCI is a leading institute providing professional management education in India. The College has a Pan India presence in India with 10 centers spread across the entire subcontinent. One of the specializations provided at WLCI is for treasury operations.

Treasury Operations is the field of managing all of an enterprise’s holdings. This activity involves trading in bonds, currencies, financial derivatives and also assessing managing risks. All banks and large organizations have departments that specifically handle treasury management. For non –banking entities, treasury management is interchangeable used with cash management. These operations are usually under the control of the director/CFO/Vice- President of Finance.

Our programmes in Treasury provide a detailed overview of the function of new entries, bankers and employees who work alongside the treasury function. These are usually integrated with bond dynamics , accounting valuation and regulations governance.

WLCI focuses on legislative restrictions and compliance, including regulations and supervision of treasury functions. The students will be taught to negotiate with financial institutions, banks and international agencies to undertake valuations in accounting as per guidelines provided by regulatory bodies.

The treasury course is most suited for those students who want to specialize in treasury operations can expect their future careers as finance directors, accountants, tax managers and line managers.

Friday, 14 February 2014

WLC College - Digital marketing course Review

WLC College India is a leading provider for management, fashion and graphic design courses. With 10 centers spanning the subcontinent the college has made a reputation for providing quality education and assured placements.
One of the subjects covered in its business programme is digital marketing. This industry is growing at an incredibly fast pace and is predicted to grow 9 times its size in the next 10 years leading to a growing need for specialized work force in the field.
WLC College takes great efforts to ensure that its curriculum is the most industry relevant and modern for the student’s benefit. For this, the college has created its very own Employers Council which hosts professionals from diverse backgrounds and help curate the curriculum.

Digital Marketing basically means to promote brands using digital advertising channels to reach consumers. These channels may include television, radio, internet, mobile and social media. This specialization offers detailed knowledge on new and emerging media channels including search engine optimization, Display advertising, mobile marketing, social media and e-commerce. The subjects covered range from Digital Media, Digital Branding, Advanced Digital Media, Digital Technologies and Legal issues & Analytics.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

WLC College India: Building a World Class Institute

WLC College has always been instrumental in improving employability of its students with regard of students from most of the other institutes that operate in India. This is has achieved through various lucrative steps the college has taken to build partnership and communication with the industry.

One of these steps was the crating the forum for professionals to come forward from various industries to come together and formulate the most industry relevant curriculum for students. This helps the student in nurturing those skills that are necessary to get employed and be effective at modern managerial objectives. The forum is known as the Employers Council.

Another key innovation was WLC College’s Earn while you learn programs. These programs are designed to give students industrial exposure as interns at leading corporate. This helped students get accustomed to professional environments and also understand key concepts apply them in the real world.

With these and many more innovations WLC College competes to be the best destination for management education in India. The college has branches in 10 major cities across India and has all modern infrastructure and facilities available.  

Friday, 24 January 2014

WLC College : Pioneering management education

WLC College India was established 2 decades ago with a mission in mind. This mission was to remove Employ-ability concerns for the industry due to abject standards for education at graduate and post graduate levels.
It pioneered the concept of Earn while you learn in India. The programs enabling students to work   alongside trainee ship at well established corporate. This not only gave students the chance to see how real life professionals worked and went about business but also gave them an opportunity to earn a stipend to support their college fee. The students benefited instantly with the program with most of the students claiming to get a better understanding of the courses being taught at classrooms. The college also networked with Corporate Professionals to establish The Employers Council.

The purpose of the Council was to create a forum where industry professionals from different backgrounds to come together and fabricate the course curriculum being taught at the college. This helped the college in serving up the most up to date courses in industry equipped with leading norms and industry trends thereby increasing the chances of the student getting employed.

Monday, 20 January 2014

WLC College India: Industry Oriented Business Courses

WLC College was one of the first colleges in India offering Industry oriented programs. These programs offer training for students to get them accustomed to industry practices and skills. This plays an ever growing crucial role for success at placements in the future of career.

The modern Indian markets are flooded with complex management challenges and companies should be able to manage these challenges effectively. But with cost of experienced work force constantly increasing, the companies look forward to acquiring fresh talent from management colleges. However, the cost of training the graduates is considerably high. Hence, the corporate tend to look for students who may have already gained experience in their need of specialized field to gain the optimum workforce.

WLC College understood this problem early during the shift and developed courses which were updated with the industry. To enable this it came up with the Employers Council. The council consisted of Senior professionals from various industry leading corporate to come together on a forum to devise a curriculum for the students.

This helps the students in return as they are ensured placements due to high demand in that particular field of management. This simple solution to the industry problem creates opportunity for students and corporate alike.