All India Combined Entrance Test (AICET) 2016

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Media Makeover

Want to be a part of the challenging world of journalism, public relations or electronics and online media? Enrol yourself in a Media course to develop general and specific knowledge that would make you an expert of the technologies and insights that shape the media landscape today. While success in this competitive industry is directly related to your determination, skills that you hone while pursuing a degree can be used in an array of jobs. 

Any Media course focuses on communication as the ability to communicate information clearly is an essential skill. Blending in theory and practice in the form of internships the course would endow you with expertise in:

  • Critical analysis so that you can look at a situation objectively
  • Researching and sieving through all the data in hand
  • Sound reporting and writing skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Commercial and cultural awareness of the industry as a whole
  • Networking so that you have sources to convey any important news to you
  • Working with a team and producing marvels in the process
  • Ability to work in a stipulated time frame and meet deadlines
  • Finally, to handle a whole lot of pressure and stress.

With a Media course from a reputed institute in your kitty, rest assured there will never be any dearth of work opportunities. There are options galore in terms of jobs. So, if you have decided to make a foray and are looking around for trusted media colleges, do spare a thought for WLCI‬ School of ‪‎Media that has exciting options. For more about the courses offered, click on

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

WLCI College discovering the essence of Fashion Designing

Everybody is somehow attracted to fashion. Hardly anybody can resist putting on à la mode costumes or trying out a stylish pair of shoes. A teen will always like to wear funky cloths and elderly people will always find solace in formal shoes. Kids not only play with dolls but also try to dress them up as they please. 

Fashion designers help people express themselves. They visualize and create outfits. Creativity and imagination are the mainstays of fashion designing. A fashion designer must have strong drawing skills coupled with the ability to pen it down. A fashion designer first comes up with a basic design which is then followed through with the detail. Detail often helps designer make exquisite product so acquiring this skill is essential for any fashion designing student who wish to make mark in the fashion industry. WLCI School of fashion designing helps students enhance their visualizing and drawing skills which is why outfits designed by WLCI students deemed to be trendsetters in fashion industry.

Candidate having good sense of color, texture and fabric can make a promising career in fashion designing. At WLCI College students undergo unique training under the stewardship of eminent faculty members who have eagles eye to spot weak areas of the students and provide them personalized attention.

Career as a fashion designer is both exciting as well as challenging. Designing also requires collaboration with other team members so strong people skills is mandatory for fashion designers to get to the top of the tree. Training programs at WLCI College help students evolve as a team worker that in turn allow them to effectively get their points across at work place and maintain overall healthy environment .

In-depth understanding of marketing, finance and human resources is also crucial to become successful in the world of fashion. Creativity is the essence of fashion design but without understanding the know-how of business it is not possible to sustain in the business and make profit.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Importance of Alumni Review Or Feedback For WLCI College

Set up in 1996 to impart world class education, WLC College India (WLCI) has come a long way with its top quality programs. Over the past 15 years, students of WLCI School of Business Management, WLCI School of Fashion Technology and WLCI School of Advertising and Graphic Design have secured a place for themselves in their respective arenas, contributing to the success stories of their organizations. This is because the comprehensive courses incorporate industry applications with a rigorous curriculum. 

wlci review

Faculty forms the backbone of a good institute. Here, the programs are taught by renowned academics and leading practitioners who know what is wanted most in the industry. Their industry linkages help students go a long way for they help arrange for internships to give students get a real feel of their chosen careers. The grateful students, whose association with the institute starts with their induction into WLCI, stay connected with their alma mater through the alumni cell. The bond lasts way beyond the completion of the course.

It is known that a strong alumni base and their collaboration help a professional school to stay at the top position and thrive. Former students are looked upon not just as brand ambassadors but also as mentors to the new graduates who look up to them for inspiration. It is no different at the three schools of WLCI.

A WLCI professional not only gets to interact with the prestigious alumni and be a part of various events, but is also entitled to make the most of the career development opportunities. WLCI uses its active Alumni Services Cell to be in touch with its ex-students and intimates them about appropriate opportunities.

The Alumni Federation Committee offers a large number of facilities through the WLCI website. Former students can use the Enterprise Social Networking feature on the website to stay in touch with their peers. The online newsletter WLCI World chronicles the latest developments at WLCI campuses. Besides this, the online Discussion Groups give one access to the repository of rich subject-specific information. One is also updated on the most recent job openings in WLCI and in its partnering organizations through the Career Centre section. Almuni are welcome to submit resumes online to apply for jobs. Entrepreneurs can scout talented employees on the WLCI website.

WLCI also organizes an Annual Alumni Meet where ex-students get to renew ties with peers, share experiences and celebrate achievements with the rest. WLCI’s 15,000 alumni occupy positions of pride in some of the most noted companies across the world. One of them placed with global securities Services Company says, “The business management program at WLCI School of Business Management helped me to build my career.” According to another, “WLCI acted as a fuel in my career and propelled me forward.”

WLCI School of Advertising and Graphic Design alumni remarks, “The course I pursued prepared me for the challenges of the industry. It couldn’t have been better anywhere else.” Internships and traineeship programs help students hone their skills further. “Industry interaction through internships during the vacations gave me real time experience,” recounts another.

This feeling is also shared by the fashion school alumni. Says a pass out of 2012, “WLCI School of Fashion Technology made me kick start my career by helping me get a strong foothold in the industry.” For another the backstage work was a great learning opportunity. “I was sent to do the backstage work in a fashion show, which was exactly the kind of stuff I needed for my future.”

The success stories are endless and continue to make waves every minute.

Saturday, 4 October 2014

WLC College Reviews the World of Visual Communication

The world is going visual, join the league !


Visual Communication refers to the expression of thoughts by using visual aids, such as – images, graphics, videos, animation etc. These days, a course in visual communication is highly valued in both the creative and the corporate world. WLC College reviews the changing pace of Visual Communication, as it leaps from being an art or skill to a full-fledged career.

  • Digital signs are taking over the age old tradition of hoardings. It is the trendsetter as the brands aim at being different and memorable. A combination of technology and art, it uses lighting to cleverly display the object.
  • Customers love visual aids that help them relate and remember your brand. Giving them an out of the box experience is a job for your marketing executive and graphic designer. Together they can create a feeling of awe and desire.
  • A Creative Business Model can take your product into the global market at local costs. By training your staff to use creative tools, your business strategy, process, model and product would inevitably yield effective results.

By hiring creative leaders, you not only create inspirational space but also motivate a free thinking setting. This builds a healthier work environment with staff that works with you rather than for you.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

WLC College Feedback – Design and Navratri

WLCI School of Design sheds light on the age old tradition of creating clay idols of Goddess Durga for Navratri. This custom dates back to the ancient days, but its presence is still evident. Many artisans look forward to the celebration to earn a living. Delicately crafted and decorated clay idols of the Goddess are used by devotees. 

These designs are handcrafted meticulously, and we salute the longstanding practice !