Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Mass Communication Colleges in India

Mass communication is emerging as the best career option for the youngsters in some recent years and to get admission in these top ten media institute is really a difficult job. The demands for getting admissions in these mass communication colleges are very high. Mass Communication is the field that conveys the information to the population through the varios mediums like newspaper, magazines, cinema and television.

The media institute in India offers the work in print media as well as the electronic media which involves the various works like reporting, writing, photographing, broadcasting or cable casting news. The course in mass communication programs works with the variety of work like news and media, publishing, public relations and other research institutes.
The courses in media providing the aspirants with the comprehensive training in different media field and making them the best media professional. One can even experience the thrill of working in the real world by working through the internship or the traineeship programs. The media courses are so industry driven that it can even train you to acquire the relevant knowledge with the professional skills in the media industry. 

There are several good jobs that are available under this career like newspaper, periodicals, magazines, central information service, press information bureau, websites, AIR and TV channels. Some of the best media college in India are: WLC college Noida, Symbiosis Institute of Mass Communication, Pune, Mudra Institute of Communications, Ahmedabad, Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, Bangalore, etc.

Saturday, 13 September 2014

WLC College India Reviews Content in Digital Marketing

We are all living in the digital age and depend on the internet for answers. It’s a fact, there is no denying it, internet is our only suffice when it comes to data collection or general information. WLC College attempts to review and present the importance of Content in the field of Digital Marketing.

From social media to mobile and website strategies, they all need to be optimized for search engines. Can one do that without the right content ? The answer is NO. Content forms the basis of your strategies, it helps you establish processes and sets up a work flow.

  • Create Quality Content – Defined as the optimum material which holds value with your potential customers and is easy for them to locate.
  • Focus on Keywords and Tags – This is the second step of effectively using your content to attract customer.
  • Answer Questions –Foretell customer demands and queries to draft your content wisely. Hold all the answers in your post.
  • Identify your audience – Talk in the language your clients understand. Play it to their liking for them to value you.
  • Evaluate the Decision making Process - Incorporate your content to encourage the client all through the stages of their decision making. Influence them without trying too hard.

In the fast paced life, customers often overlook and avoid advertisements and hoardings. You can’t take the well to the horse, you have to wait for the horse to come to the well ! Use the right keywords and tags to optimize your content and make it search friendly.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

WLC Fashion School: All you MUST know about Menswear

WLC College India’s Fashion School is here to talk about the sleeping giant of the industry.

Menswear designing is a relatively unexplored avenue in the Indian fashion industry. As compared to the demand in Womenswear and even Kidswear, this path has less been walked on. Being side casted as the reluctant shopper, this gender has not been much influenced by the fashion world.

WLC College India, however, understands the scope of Menswear designing as an upcoming trend. Hence, WLCI engages students to participate in projects and activities pertaining to this unfamiliar field. There had always been a market for Menswear, but it has not reached its full potential. With the changes in perception of style, men today are a lot more fashion active.

The shopping gene in men is especially loyal, as opposed to the fairer sex who prefer creating different style statements every time. Therefore, by tapping into this unexplored market, one can be certain of their loyal customers and cater to the needs accordingly.

The heterosexual male is entering the fashion scene timidly but certainly. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to cater to them. Learn the art of Menswear Designing at

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Feedback of WLC College on PM’s Teacher Day Speech

“ India is a youthful nation. Can’t we think of exporting good teachers? Why can’t our children think – I want to be a good teacher! ” – Narendra Modi

WLC College India feels that our PM’s speech on Teacher’s day was a bit off topic. He spoke about the importance of teaching as a profession and hoped for international opportunities for Indian teachers. The speech appeared to be targeted at the students rather than the value teachers. Any changes pertaining to the education system in India was not discussed.

The entire event posed as a PR stunt to promote teaching and a podium to reiterate his Independence Day speech.

Friday, 5 September 2014

WLC College India - All you MUST know about Employee Engagement

Employee Engagement might just be thing that’s holding your business back. Insufficient regard paid to this vital tool can lead to the failure of even your best marketing strategies. WLC College India reveals the best practices to efficiently engage your employees.

  • Gather Opinions – Listening to the thoughts of employees can reassure a sense of compassion amongst them. If one is heard, they willingly participate. Ask for feedback and be prepared to listen to it. Respond in full consideration.
  • Mix them up – A major road block in the human mind is “that’s not my job”. To avoid this, encourage individuals from differing posts to engage in a unified task.
  • Build Trust – If only and only if you trust your employees, will they reciprocate. Show them that not only do you value their opinions but also trust their decisions.
  • Motivate – Accomplishments incurred by your business, however minuscule, announce them to stimulate the team.
  • Appreciate – An instigating reward system can trigger your employee to work whole heartedly. It keeps them inspired to do more.
  • Create a circle – Indulge in extracurricular activities after office hours and away from the premises. See them in a non professional way to better evaluate their personality.
  • Give & Take – If an employee hands over the work in the pre assigned time, appreciate them and make him/her an example for others. This way they will work extra hard to meet targets.

Learn the secrets of employee engagement and services at

Thursday, 4 September 2014

WLC College - All you MUST know about Web Designing

The main question to ask while developing a website is – “Will this help or hinder my customers ?” While creating the site, there are many mistakes that designers incur. WLC College India highlights them below, make a note to avoid these common blunders.

  • No Uniformity – Your website should follow a common theme all through the pages to depict an ease of flow and make it user friendly.
  • Puzzling Navigational Tools – Simple and clean search bars should be incorporated to help the user find what they are looking for.
  • Unproductive Color Choice – Colors play an important role in an individual’s decision making, be sure to use the right color scheme to have the desired emotional effect on the visitors.
  • Unwanted Pop Up’s – Although the pop up tool can direct your visitor’s attention, sometimes it may not be required and prove to be an obstruction for the client.
  • Outdated Contact Information – Keep the contact us page crisp and clean so that the customer can reach you with utmost ease.
  • Ad’s Everywhere – Listing numerous ad’s on your website can be annoying to the visitor. Limit the number of ad’s on your site.
  • Music and Video Files – Forcing your visitor to watch a video or listen to background music can trigger them to shut your website completely and never revisit.
  • Hidden Files – Asking visitors to download a file to get access to information can pose a threat. Don’t clog up disk space on your customer’s system.
  • Registration Required – Complying visitor’s to fill a survey or information to browse through the site can scare them off.
  • Text Size – Find the right balance of text size in respect to your color theme and font.

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